Design a process of change

Eoh-for-Good pursues processes of change with long-lasting positive impacts

Eoh-for-Good has created the multi-i co-creative vortexes as a flexible and adaptable methodology to transform challenges into solutions through collaborative endeavours.

How does it work?
Ad-hoc in-house and in-context co-creative processes are designed and triggered by activating different (up to 13) inter-related dimensions that start with an ‘i’, hence its ‘multi-i’ collaborative nature: interpersonal, inter-institutional, interdisciplinary…

Eoh-for-Good model triggers bottom-up, top-down and middle round collaborative initiatives and processes within or across units, departments, divisions, institutions or ecosystems.

Shared agendas and transformative outcomes and impacts need to be co-created, developed, implemented and continuously re-negotiated and re-defined with multi-stakeholders’ collaborative approaches including internal and external entrepreneurs, quality agencies, policy makers, social and business-driven innovators, companies (SMEs and corporations) and cutting-edge technology centres.


Bilbao, País Vasco (España)