About us

Empower Change, Build Resilience:

Unleash the Eoh-for-Good Multi-i Co-creative Governance Tornado

In a world of constant change, forging a collective, resilient mindset is vital. Eoh-for-Good, an independent think tank and strategy advisor, pioneers transformative co-creation in organisations and regional ecosystems. Our dream? Modern management that thrives on collaboration, diverse perspectives, and shared purpose.

As climate shifts, digital waves, health concerns, and societal issues collide, adapting is paramount. Eoh-for-Good emerges from 25+ years’ experience in R&I internationalisation, partnering with 1300+ stakeholders. We’ve harnessed this wisdom to craft a flexible methodology: the Eoh-for-Good multi-i co-creative whirlwinds.

Uniquely tailored to each context, our co-creative whirlwinds sparks inclusive win-win collaborations. Rooted in your institution or ecosystem, it initiates long-lasting, impactful change. Join us in embracing challenges head-on, as we navigate these dynamic times together.


Bilbao, País Vasco (España)