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Are you ready to unleash the true innovation potential of individuals and organisations? Eoh-for-Good is a company dedicated to supporting those who aspire to make profound changes in their innovation ecosystems, all for the common good. We offer three minimally viable products that will revolutionise how you coordinate efforts, solve challenges and drive collective transformation.

Eoh-for-Good compass to change

Multi-i compass

Our innovative methodology enables the development of long-term, trusting relationships among diverse stakeholders. By fostering co-creative collaboration and alignment, we help achieve tangible and impactful outcomes. We understand the importance of establishing strong connections and believe that meaningful change can only be achieved through collaborative efforts.

Training Agents of Change

Our extensive training programs prepare individuals to act as bridging agents and bridges between different actors within the ecosystem. These individuals become catalysts for collaboration, leveraging collective intelligence and tapping into the full spectrum of expertise. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to drive collaborative efforts and create meaningful change.

Design Impact Strategies for the Common Good

We offer an innovative methodology that facilitates the co-creation of transformative solutions. This brings together actors from different actors’ groups, creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives can be shared and leveraged to drive innovation and social impact.

At the core of our methodology are three essential elements: anticipation, systemic thinking and continuous learning

We work with you to understand the starting situations, identify challenges or needs and intuit long-term visions. Through negotiation and collaboration, we create a shared understanding among actors, aligning efforts towards profound transformations. With Eoh-for-Good, you'll experience a coordinated, purpose-driven approach to innovation, where collective potential is harnessed and transformative impact is achieved. Join us in revolutionising how individuals and organizations collaborate, solve challenges and create lasting change for the betterment of society.

Years of experimentation to build a contrasted and robust framework
Trusted collaborators all over the world
Years of experience in multi-i collaborations
Participations in high level events in 2022

Anticipation, Systems Thinking and Continuous Learning

Our triple methodology incorporates three essential elements: anticipation, systems thinking and continuous learning. By anticipating future needs and trends, we ensure our approach remains relevant and adaptable. We embrace systems thinking, understanding the interconnectedness of various stakeholders and the need for holistic solutions. Continuous learning is at the core of our methodology, allowing us to evolve and improve based on feedback and emerging insights.

As a critical partner for the Horizon Europe calls for proposals, Eoh-for-Good brings a unique combination of expertise in:
Social innovation
Social impact
The quadruple helix model
Transformative co-creation dynamics

With our innovative services for quadruple helix co-creation, we are well-equipped to drive collaboration, foster ecosystem development and address emerging needs and new realities. Our triple methodology of anticipation, systems thinking and continuous learning ensures that our approach remains effective and adaptable. We are committed to working towards the common good and invite you to join us in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future through impactful innovation.

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Transformative Governance for the Future: Navigating Profound Transitions

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for Disruptive Global Co-Cretion (inspired by EUvsVirus)
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Innovative Co-Creative Participatory Methodologies

for a Dreamt-of Quality Education in Europe

Collaborating Entities

Dra. Toñi Caro, PhD

‘We dreamed of a more fluid management that took advantage of all the synergies, in constant dialogue with the different parties involved, listening to all opinions and learning to manage collective interests versus individuals, in search of win-wins and a common good’

Together, let's unlock the power of innovation and make profound transformations a reality.
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